Why Happiness?

Ask parents what they want for their children and undoubtedly they’ll say, “I want my child to be happy.” Happiness is the most natural human pursuit. Happiness is the highest on the hierarchy of goals. It is the end to which all other ends lead.

A happy person engages in activities that are pleasurable and meaningful. For young adults, determining what provides pleasure is relatively easy. But many young adults fail to identify what activities will enable them to perceive their lives as purposeful. And as a result, they are paying an emotional and financial price:

  • In a study of 7,000 teenagers, researchers found that most of today’s young adults have ambitions they would like to achieve yet few of them say they have any real prospect of realizing these ambitions
  • Many disengaged youth with a lack of direction report an inner life of anxiety and a sense of feeling trapped in a life that is not under their own control
  • In 2009, 63% percent of students attending four-year institutions took more than four years to graduate
  • A survey of American college students from 2000 through 2006 showed that almost two thirds of the graduates moved home after college and over half of these stayed for more than a year

The Happiness Catalyst helps young adults discover their calling and so that they can be equipped to make better choices, set meaningful goals, and increase their happiness.